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is a contracting entity of ADCAHB Medical Coverages, the oldest & largest Contracting General Agency with Florida Blue.

Leading Floridians Through Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform & Small Business

With our HRA Defined Contribution solution Small Business can achieve:

Health plan cost reductions

Business owners define the contributions for their company health plan - not an insurance company.

contributions are tax deductible to the company and received tax free by employees.

Health Care Reform - Individual Mandate

Start here for pointers on buying health coverage under the new Law.

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Get the most for your health care dollars

How much life insurance is right for me?

Find out what amount of coverage is right to fit your financial protection needs.

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Since 1978 Adcahb Medical Coverages has helped Floridians find the right insurance coverage - and get the most for their health care dollars.

Let a professional consultant help you navigate through the many choices of Health Care Reform - then help you select and enroll in a solution that best fits your health insurance needs.

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